Jakub Acs

username: ordbl0ke
about me: curious, optimistic, mainly into binary exploitation, forensics and crypto, enrolled in CTU Computer Security Master's programme
my github page: acsjakub

Tomáš Stefan

username: gorei
about me: link
my github page: tstdin

Ivana Trummová

username: ivanivlee
about me: mathematician at heart (focused on algebraic geometry & cryptography), slowly getting to know what cyber security is all about
my github page: ivanivlee

Samuel Hanák

username: hrdel
about me: former web developer, currently a websec noob. CTU FIT is life!
my github page: hrdel

Vít Souček

username: TheLonePiper
about me: godlike bagpipe player, master of the irish bouzouki, collector of musical instruments, interested in cybersec -- mainly low-level programming, Android, Python and reverse engineering, CTU FIT FTW
my github page: soucevi1